Free Open Source tools for game developers

This article is also available on LBRY. This posting lists a selection of free Open Source tools that are useful for creating video games and other digital art. All tools can be used without limitations or registration and also run on Linux. Linux Even for users with limited tech knowledge, Linux has become a good […]

Git Tutorial for beginners: how to install Git on Windows

This tutorial helps new Git users installing Git on Windows and choosing the right options. Git can be downloaded for free from the official Website Information / Select Destination Location The first two Git setup screens only contain licence information and the option to change the installation path. Select Components The third screen contains the […]

Git Tutorial für Anfänger: Git unter Windows installieren

Dieses Tutorial hilft neuen Git Benutzern dabei, Git unter Windows zu installieren und dabei die richtigen Optionen zu wählen. Git kann kostenlos von der offiziellen Website heruntergeladen werden. Information / Select Destination Location Die ersten beiden Screens des Git Setups enthalten lediglich Lizenzinformationen und die Möglichkeit, den Installationspfad zu ändern. Select Components Im dritten Screen […]

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