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About this website and its owner

The address of this website is
The website is operated by Victor Karp


If you contact me using the email address above, I will be able to see your email address. Your email address and the content of your email will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

Logs, statistics, privacy

  • The website is hosted in Germany by
  • The web server does not create logs or statistics.
  • The website uses the KokoAnalytics plugin to create page view statistics that count views for individual pages. These statistics are fully anonymized and don’t allow identification of users in any way (e.g. via IP, country or user agent). The plugin is configured to not use Cookies.
  • The website uses WP Cerber Security to defend against malicious access. Trying to breach this website’s security will log your IP to this website’s database (contrary to regular usage of this website, where no IPs are logged) and send it to the Cerber Laboratory. Logs of malicious IPs are automatically deleted from this website’s database after 30 days. Please read WP Cerber Security’s Privacy Policy to learn more about how they handle this data.


  • The website uses WP Cerber Security. The plugin can generate cookies to defend this website against malicious access.
  • Cookies created by this plugin use the “cerber_” prefix in their file name.
  • Please read WP Cerber Security’s article Browser cookies set by WP Cerber to learn more about what information these cookies contain.
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