A short beginner’s guide to growing plants

This article helps you getting started with growing plants at home. It is meant for people who never had a plant or didn’t have much luck with plants they bought or received as a gift. How to pick an easy starter plant Taking care of your first plant can be intimidating, especially if it grows […]

How to run git-cola from source on Debian/Ubuntu

git-cola is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the distributed version control software git. This tutorial explains how to run the most recent version of git-cola from its source files. This is useful if you want to use a version that is newer than the one in the software repositories of your Linux distribution. Downloading […]

How to run TortoiseHg from source on Debian/Ubuntu

This tutorial explains how to run TortoiseHg from source code files and install dependencies on a Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distribution. TortoiseHg is a GUI for the distributed source control management tool Mercurial. This is useful for distributions like Linux Mint, which does not have TortoiseHg available in the Software Manager and it’s also not possible […]

How to bake animations, rigid bodies and cloth in Blender

This tutorial explains how to convert a single animation frame, a rigid body or a keyframe of a cloth simulation to a static mesh in Blender. I’ve originally written it as a short response to a thread in the Blender Steam Community. Baking animations is useful if you want to: turn an animated character into […]

How to get the most recent Xonotic version by using autobuilds

You can download the latest regular version of the free first person shooter from the official Xonotic website. But this version (0.8.2 at the time of writing this article) is severely outdated and does not have all the new changes that were made after its release. The latest version of Xonotic is necessary if you […]

How to run an application on Linux from the terminal

This tutorial explains how to run an application on Linux from the terminal by typing the application name. This allows you to run AppImages, scripts or any executable file from a terminal, even though you have not installed it via any type of package manager. The quick TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) below will most […]

How to disable dynamic grid snapping in Blender

This tutorial explains how to disable the dynamic grid size adjustment in Blender. It also teaches you how to snap to a custom grid size in 2D and 3D viewports. The problem with Blender’s grid snapping If you move an object in the 3D viewport with grid snapping enabled, it will always snap to increments […]

How to make levels for Xonotic – Easy Quickstart Guide

This tutorial is a quickstart guide on how to set up the tools to create levels for the free open source shooter Xonotic. It explains how to download and install all necessary files and start the NetRadiant, Xonotic’s editor. Step 1: Get the very latest Xonotic files Your Xonotic files need to be up to […]

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