Non-destructive sculpting in Blender with Shape Keys

This tutorial explains how to use Shape Keys in Blender to create sculpting layers that can be toggled on or off or faded in and out. Mesh preparation before using Shape Keys If your mesh uses a Multiresolution modifier, you need to apply it first. Having a Multiresolution modifier makes using Shape Keys impossible. Your […]

How to bake textures to vertex colors in Blender

This tutorial is also available on Odysee. Since Blender version 2.92 it has become very easy to transfer textures to vertex colors – a new option has been added to the baking menu. 1. Create a vertex color layer Your mesh needs to have an existing vertex color layer. To create one, select your mesh, […]

Godot Engine: How to fix broken material dependencies in .escn files exported from Blender

This article is also available on Odysee. Using the .escn exporter for Blender (wiki page, download) allows you to easily reuse materials for multiple meshes in Godot. However, when you move or rename materials that are referenced by an .escn file (or a scene that contains an .escn file), the link to the material breaks […]

Free Open Source tools for game developers

This article is also available on LBRY. This posting lists a selection of free Open Source tools that are useful for creating video games and other digital art. All tools can be used without limitations or registration and also run on Linux. Linux Even for users with limited tech knowledge, Linux has become a good […]

Eine Normal Map in Blender invertieren

Y+ und Y- Normal Maps Einige Anwendungen wie etwa die Unreal Engine 4 verwenden Y- Normal Maps, deren Grünkanal so aussieht, als wenn er von unten beleuchtet werden würde. Blender benutzt allerdings Y+ Normal Maps, bei denen der Grünkanal aussieht, als wenn er von oben beleuchtet werden würde. Wenn du eine Y- Normal Map in […]

Die Viewport Navigation in Blender verbessern

Wenn du ständig die Kommataste auf dem Numpad drückst, um Blenders Kamera neu zu fokussieren oder Probleme beim Zoomen hast, weil die Kamera immer langsamer wird, je weiter du hereinzoomst, findest du hier Abhilfe. Es gibt zwei Optionen in Blenders Preferences Menü, die die Navigation deutlich verbessern und die beiden beschriebenen Probleme beheben. Klick auf […]

Inverting a normal map in Blender

Y+ and Y- normal maps Some applications like the Unreal Engine 4 use Y- normal maps, which means the green color channel of these normal maps looks as if it was lit from below. Blender on the other hand uses Y+ normal maps, where the green channel looks like it was lit from above. If […]

How to export Tilesets from Blender to Godot

This tutorial is also available as a Guide on Steam. This tutorial will teach you how to prepare tilesets in Blender for export to Godot, how to use the .escn exporter for Blender and how to configure the tileset in Godot in a way that allows easy updating if your meshes change later on. Our […]

How to set up Texture Painting in Blender

I want to paint my mesh in Blender. How? You have finalized your mesh and now want to paint it by hand. This guide will show you how to enable painting on your mesh. First, you’ll have to correctly UV unwrap it. This guide does not cover how to do that – I’ll assume this […]

Wie Blender zwischen Active und Selected unterscheidet

Wenn ihr Blender erst seit Kurzem benutzt, werdet ihr euch vielleicht fragen, warum manche Objekte gelb und andere orange sind, wenn ihr sie auswählt. Oder warum in Blender manche Faces gelb sind und andere weiß, wenn ihr sie anklickt. Blender unterteilt ausgewählte Dinge in zwei Kategorien: aktiv und selektiert. Wenn ihr mehrere Objekte nacheinander mit […]

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