How to use enums in the Godot Engine

This Godot Engine tutorial explains how to create enums, compare enum values, get enum items and their names and how to format them. What are enums? Enum is short for “enumeration”. Enums are often used for selecting something from a list, where every item is mutually exclusive. Some examples: Enums are created like this: You […]

Godot Engine: How to fix materials with broken dependencies in .escn files exported from Blender

Using the .escn exporter for Blender (wiki page, download) allows you to easily reuse materials for multiple meshes in Godot. However, when you move or rename materials that are referenced by an .escn file (or a scene that contains an .escn file), the link to the material breaks and you see an error similar to […]

Godot Engine – Rotating a character with transform.basis.slerp

rotation_degrees, transform.basis and quaternions If you want to rotate a character towards a point, there are three popular methods you can use: modifying the character’s rotation_degrees.y value, changing the transform.basis or using quaternions. This tutorial will show you how the transform.basis approach works. The transform.basis property of any Spatial node (or nodes that inherit from […]

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