This is an overview of the services I provide as a freelancer. See anything you like? Get in contact and tell me about your project. Something you need is not on this list? Don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll see what I can do.

Asset optimization and mesh repair

Assets bought from various marketplaces are oftentimes not optimized for realtime rendering, especially on low-end devices or when rendering them in a browser. Some of these assets contain errors such as holes, broken normals or stretched UVs.

I’ll optimize the triangle count and distribution of your assets and fix any mesh errors. If required, I’ll create fully optimized new lowpoly assets with baked textures.

Lightmap baking for WebGL and 3D Vista projects

Realtime rendering for the web is still expensive and doesn’t render smoothly on low-end devices. Prebaked static lighting is especially useful for large scenes with many assets and allows you to improve your scene’s lighting while saving performance at the same time.

I’ll take care of lightmap creation and light baking for all your assets and provide ready-to-use .glb or .gltf files for your WebGL or 3D Vista projects.

Custom asset creation and asset modification

You’re looking for a very specific asset and can’t buy it anywhere? You’ve bought something but it doesn’t fit your project in some specific aspect?

I’ll create brand new assets or modify existing assets for you.

Level design and creation

You’ve got an upcoming event and want your players to play on a new map?
I’ll create custom maps for Quake 3, Quake Live and Xonotic.

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